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this was just up on dime in a 5.5 gb video, and really knocked my socks off.  so, having demuxed it & tracked it for the stereo in the living room and the car (which, like most cars, doesn’t really deserve the “stereo” moniker, and frankly it’s pushing it for the living room), i thought to share it here in case you’d not had the time or disk space for a belly buster of a video.  yes, call me old fashioned, i still think of 5.5 gb as a “belly buster”.  but well worth it, if you actually watch the videos.  i seldom do.  the audio track was ac-3, 384 kbs/48 khz, which i’ve converted to flac.

ferenc snetberger, markus stockhausen, arild andersen
zeneakademia (academy of music concert center)
budapest, hungary
13 oct 2019

ferenc snetberger (guitar)
markus stockhausen (trumpet)
arild andersen (bass)

01 hajnal [snetberger-stockhausen] 10:45
02 alom [snetberger] 9:37
03 landlooper [arild andersen] 8:43
04 mira [arild andersen] 10:20
05 gomme [snetberger] 9:00
06 ease [snetberger] 7:38
07 flower of now [stockhausen] 9:14
08 gond nelkül [snetberger-stockhausen] 5:26
09 rambling [snetberger] 7:19
10 basswave [arild andersen] 7:47
11 band intros & clapping 1:48
12 rose [stockhausen] 1:48
13 clapping 7:33
14 childhood [snetberger] 1:05
15 clapping 5:48

tt 1:45:16

hungarian tv m5 (eutelsat 9 grad east)
date: 2021-02-06

original source:
skystar2 dvb-s2 > ts > videoredo tvsuite v6 > mp4
tvsuite version 6 retains all the original quality of your videos
video: avc; bit rate 6550 kbs; 1920×1080 (16:9); constant frame rate 25.000; bit depth 8 bits
audio: ac-3; cbr 384 kbs; 2 channels; sampling rate 48.0 khz

demux source:
as for ac-3 above > ffmpeg (convert audio stream to wav) > cd wave editor (tracking, flac)
> foobar2000 (metadata) > tracked flac


sample: t08 gond nelkuel.mp3
download: Snetberger_Stockhausen_Andersen_2019-10-13_Zeneakademia_BudapestHU.zip

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  1. cagfjjpsqv

  2. Thanks Pete, I love this combination of instruments. These guys are all top player, what’s not to like !! Most appreciated.

  3. This looks great, Pete, and thanks very much!!!

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