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here’s a show from my old alma mater, with two current favorites jack dejohnette & lester bowie.  ‘nobody’ did some work on this (see notes), before re-seeding it on dime just over 3 years ago.  i think it is better than the previous incarnation, which i also have, so thanks for the work.  actually, i have several other shows from old cabell hall, and they’re all excellent.

jack dejohnette new directions
uva jazz concert series
old cabell hall
charlottesville, va
22 february 1992

jack dejohnette – drums, piano
john abercrombie – guitar
lester bowie – trumpet
eddie gomez – bass

disc 1
1. intro [1:23]
2. bayou fever (dejohnette) [23:05]
3. silver hollow (dejohnette) [15:46]
4. when lights are low (benny carter) [16:25]

disc 2
1. where or wayne? (dejohnette) [24:05]
2. timeless (abercrombie) [10:28]
3. one handed woman (dejohnette, abercrombie, bowie, gomez) [17:36]
4. solar (miles davis) [9:09]

total time: 1:57:57

sbd/aud matrix: sbd stereo feed + a pair of schoeps cmc cardiod mics in ortf at the front of the stage, into furman six channel mixer and into a panasonic sv 3800 dat
remastering: sound forge 9 graphic dynamics tool to widen the low end somewhat; boosted silver hollow & timeless by 4db

sample: t03 silver hollow.mp3

covers by pete.

  5 Responses to “jack dejohnette new directions – 22 feb 1992, old cabell hall, univ of virginia, charlottesville va”

  1. tHwbTcMGiotxkWS

  2. thanks for the matrix

  3. A classic performance and a fine upgrade by “nobody.” Have always loved DeJohnette’s New Directions band. Would certainly be interested in seeing/hearning any of those other Old Cabell Hall recordings you might have . . . . . and speaking of other recordings: you mentioned a while back that you also had some “old” Gato Barbieri sets other than the two you’ve posted . . . . . might you also make those available?

    Thanks for all your efforts and the great posts . . . .!!

    • hi pino, thanks for your comments! sure, i’ll see what i can do on old cabell hall & old gato…


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