Apr 292016

here’s one from the nrk archives, and a video to boot.  this is a phenomenal video (except for a short glitch in the middle), so i’m making an exception to my ‘no videos on account of they’re too large’ for the moment.

miles davis
chateau neuf
oslo, norway
9 november 1971

miles davis – tp
gary bartz – ss, as
keith jarrett – el-p, org
michael henderson – el-b
ndugu leon chancler – dr
charles don alias – cga, perc
james mtume forman – cga, perc

1 directions (j. zawinul)
2 honky tonk (m. davis)
3 what i say (m. davis)
4 sanctuary (w. shorter)
5 it’s about that time (m. davis)
6 yesternow (m. davis)
7 funky tonk (m. davis)
8 closing theme (sanctuary)

duration: 01:22:05

nrk webcast > adobehds php downloader > .flv video
no re-encoding has been applied, the adobehds.php downloader
is a script for downloading .flv video streams.

source url: https://tv.nrk.no/serie/jazzforum/fuha01008571/08-06-1972
original broadcast date: 8 june 1972

video: mpeg-4 (avc high@l3.1), bit rate 2250 kbps, 1280×720 (16:9), 25.000 fps
audio: aac-lc, 160 kbps, 48.0 khz, 2 channels

– this was also seeded on dimeadozen (torrent #556735), but this .flv file was
downloaded directly from the nrk.no website, not via the seed on dimeadozen.
– as noted on the dime seed, ‘the abrupt interuption of tv translation is between
00:32:59 and 00:35:34 during “what i say”. a part of don alias conga solo is
missing.’ from the way the picture & sound fade back in, it looks like a problem
with the original recording &/or transmission. i’d like to remove that 2-1/2
minutes, but don’t know how without transcoding; maybe someday.
– setlist & line-up are from the dime seed, which took it from the peter losin site

sample: (no sample yet)
download: MilesDavis_1971-11-09_ChateauNeuf_Oslo.zip
cd jewel case cover: link