Apr 192016

i’ve moved a lot of the .zip files to filefactory.com, and will be moving more later.  i’d be interesting in a bit of feedback on downloads from there.  my experience is that it works fine, but as expected it’s both a bit of a bother (so many banners urging you to join) and a bit slow.  but, i think, probably a bit more reliable than this was getting, as they were throttling my downloads from time to time.

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  1. Hi Peter, We’ve had some correspondence earlier this year about the downloads and so far, my experience is that FF is certainly reliable and better, though slow. Fichier and Mega would appear to be good options as well, but I’m only speaking as a downloader. Thanks very much for your kind uploads and for maintaining this website – it’s a great resource and you’ve got some wonderful music on here, live giving and life enhancing. Cheers, Sphere.

    • thanks, sphere. i appreciate the feedback on FF & am glad you’re enjoying the music. i’ll look into fichier & mega as alternatives.


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