Dec 282020

this is a demux of the 4.1gb video which was just uploaded on dime.  the sound quality is excellent, fortunately, since hannibal peterson was in fine form that night.  put this on at your new year’s eve party (next year, that is) and crank it up.  i don’t see a lot of hannibal peterson around, and don’t actually have any of his cds (something to do this year, unlike your aforementioned party).  not sure if this will be the last post of the year, so in case it is:  a happy new year to all.

“hannibal” marvin peterson quartet
live at vienna: a club performance
vienna, austria
date unknown (but maybe january 1987)

“hannibal” marvin peterson – trumpet
ron burton – piano
walter schmocker – bass
allen nelson – drums

1) nothing ever changes my love for you (9:40)
2) melanie (12:28)
3) summertime (13:00)
4) soul brother (18:13)
5) flame game (9:37)

total time: 1:02:58

original video lineage
vhs > panasonic-dvd-recorder > dvd-rw > pc > cuttermaran > dvd-lab > dime
(got this show on an old vhs-tape without any informations)
video: (gspot) pal, 4:3, mpeg-2, 720×576, 25.000 fps, 8765 kbps
audio: (gspot) ac3, 48 khz, 384 kbps
original vob audio: ac-3; cbr 384 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 48.0 khz; duration 1:02:58

demux audio lineage
video as above > ffmpeg (demux/concatenate ac3) > wav (cbr 1536 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 48.0 khz)
> cd wave editor (tracking) > flac > foobar2000 (metadata) > flac

dvd-cover-art: yes (for a slim-case)
menue: no
chapters: yes

sample: t2 melanie.mp3

Apr 232016

CD Front Insertthis is one of only two shows by hannibal that i’ve downloaded, the other being from 1976, in new york city.  there’s a lot of energy in this show, then the last song (or, at least the last in the recording anyway) is very calm, really brings it down.  btw, the sample below is just that – the first 6 mins of track 2.

hannibal marvin peterson quintet
bremen, germany
8 october 1991

hannibal marvin peterson
idris muhammad
johannes barthelmes
uli lenz
günter lenz

001 drums forever (idris muhammad) 19:14
02 melanie (hannibal marvin peterson) 16:17
03 kiss on a bridge (hannibal marvin peterson) 16:12
04 naima (john william coltrane) -fades out- 3:01

min 54:44

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

sample: t2 melanie (sample).mp3