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this show was originally recorded for the united nations refugee fund at the request of princess grace of monaco.  it was seeded on the lossless legs site a few years ago.  it’s a very good recording indeed, and makes you realize how sinatra become such a sensation.  this seems to have been issued by a number of bootleg labels over the years, and this appears to come from one of them.  the download was in .shn format; i’ve converted it to .flac using trader’s little helper (tlh) and you can download in either version.

here’s what sinatraguide.com has to say about the show:

this concert has been floating around in various formats for a long time, yet despite it’s historic importance and good recorded sound, official release has yet to see the light of day. recorded as part of a charity benefit for the united nations fund for refugee children, this was a starry evening, with an introduction (in french) given by noel coward….  and behind the podium was a young quincy jones, who has since described this concert as a highlight of his early career.  the concert itself is stunning – showing off sinatra in his prime, relaxed and at his ease as he bends notes and plays around with tempos with his inestimable grace and style.

frank sinatra
the sporting club
monte carlo, monaco
14 june 1958

01. introduction by noel coward
02. come fly with me
03. i get a kick out of you
04. i’ve got you under my skin
05. where or when
06. moonlight in vermont
07. on the road to mandalay
08. your lover has gone
09. april in paris
10. all the way
11. monique
12. bewitched
13. the lady is a tramp
14. you make me feel so young

source: fm > ? > cdr > eac > wav > shn

really excellent sound especially for 1958 it’s unbelievable

sample: t07_on_the_road_to_mandalay.mp3


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  1. I have acetate of this concert,professionally edited,Noel coward,road to Mandalay,lady is a tramp ,and cutlery noises all removed.10 inch 33 rpm format in what looks like E!M I sleeve,think it may be unique,and deserves to be heard,Sinatra at his very very best

  2. flac: !37maGfRIpGU38pR2W4SSG35jD4OeM6XzzESN1hQ4AIA

    shn: !YKYRF5o2reME4zFWE_OCUMnfBM3VVr2mWZJkkjZ8GJY

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