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Snap4Snap9i’m in the process of demuxing a lot of videos that i’ve downloaded, from various formats — dvd, flv, ts, etc — with audio of various quality.  i don’t always (well, ok, i seldom) watch one of these videos, just listen away.  so the video part is generally superfluous.  and then… most of the videos were on a spare hdd which went bad and (natch!) i didn’t have backed up.  sigh!  so ‘the demux project’ for those videos i hadn’t moved to that dead drive.  icing on the cake?  most of those videos, i’ve watched between zero and one time, so catching up on some great stuff!

and speaking of great stuff, this concert punches sooo many buttons for me.  fantastic music, johnny griffin (or am i repeating myself?), vocals…  so, time to take a longer break from my ‘lossless’ rule and share it here.

as i work through these videos (there’s not too many of them after the hdd crash, unfortunately), i’ll post the demux’s up here [20-aug: well, probably not but on occasion].  unless noted, the demux is in the same format as the original audio.

btw, i downloaded the video originally when ‘rillenheini’ shared it just over a year ago.

***update 20-august:  i did a new conversion from .vob files to .ac3, using ffmpeg, and have now tracked it.  the info file details below have also been updated.  i’d not yet used ffmpeg on .vob files, and just happened to pick this concert to try it.  so, having done the work… here it is.  ***


paul kuhn trio & guests
32nd internationale jazzwoche burghausen
burghausen, germany
6 may 2001

johnny griffin (ts°), paul kuhn (p,voc*), paul g. ulrich (b), willy ketzer (dr), silvia droste (voc^)

01. 0:00:00 my world *
02. 0:03:52 pk intro next song
03. 0:04:35 fascinating rhythm
04. 0:07:34 pk intro next song
05. 0:08:13 how deep is the ocean *
06. 0:13:13 pk introduces jg, jg intro next song
07. 0:14:33 hot sake °
08. 0:22:16 jg intro next song
09. 0:22:48 if i should lose you °
10. 0:33:31 jg intro next song
11. 0:33:53 waltz swing °
12. 0:41:30 a foggy day *^
13. 0:48:42 just one of those things ^
14. 0:55:04 someone to watch over me ^
15. 1:00:30 just friends °
16. 1:07:33 body and soul °
17. 1:17:07 pk intro next song
18. 1:17:30 prelude to a kiss
19. 1:23:11 pk introduces the band
20. 1:23:40 in a mellotone ^°
21. 1:33:12 sd intro next song
22. 1:34:06 lady be good ^°
23. 1:39:52 deed i do *^°
24. 1:45:10 clapping etc until end

total time: 1 h 46 m 35 s
lineage: bralpha tv broadcast > analogue cable > vhs > dvd
additional demux lineage:
video (vob) as above > ffmpeg (demux & concatenate) > .ac3 file > ffmpeg (tracking) > tracked audio .ac3 files
ffmpeg demux command:
ffmpeg -y -i “concat:vts_01_1.vob|vts_01_2.vob|vts_01_3.vob|vts_01_4.vob” -vn -acodec copy “input.ac3”
ffmpeg tracking command (shown for 1st track only)
ffmpeg -y -accurate_seek -ss 0:00:00 -i “input.ac3” -vn -acodec copy -t 00:03:52 “t00 my world.ac3”

details per original info file:
gspot specifications:
video: mpeg 2 ~ bit rate: 4596 kb/s ~ frame rate: 25.000 ~ format: pal ~ aspect ratio: 4:3
audio: ac3 ~ bit rate: 256 kb/s ~ 2 channels (stereo)
simple menue, 5 min auto-chapters

video details per mediainfo 0.7.85. i’m not sure why vbr rate in the original info file & mediainfo differ.
video: mpeg-2, vbr 4,658 kbps, 720×576 (4:3), 25,000 fps, pal, duration 1:46:33 (per vlc media player)
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:33
demux audio details per mediainfo 0.7.85
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:35
tracked audio details per mediainfo 0.7.85
audio: ac-3 cm big, cbr 256 kbps, 2 channels, sampling 48.0 khz, duration 1:46:35 (total duration for all files)

video: info file & setlist redone to break out song intros into separate tracks & include start-times.
demux: demuxed & tracked the audio, using the original codec (no conversion).

sample:  t14 oh lady be good.mp3

download: PaulKuhn_2001-05-06_Burghausen_demux_tracked.zip

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