Oct 072014

happy october.  i downloaded this a couple of days after it was seeded.  don’t remember it… just was picking older shows at random and quite liked it (again?  i don’t remember it).

christian vander rings no bells for me.  a quick search shows he was (is?) drummer for “prog rock legends magma”, but (apparently) started in jazz and loves john coltrane.  well, that explains a lot!  not really into prog rock anymore, myself, but a nice show.

christian vander quartet
sunside, paris, france
6 jan 2012

laurent fickelson – piano
emmanuel grimonprez – bass
jean-michel couchet – tenor and soprano saxophone
christian vander – drums

01- ut
02- body and soul
03- india
04- naima
05- wise one
06- impressions
07- my favourite things
08- for tomorrow
09- transition
10- equinox
132 minutes

for the release of the cd “john coltrane l’homme suprême”, seventh records

source : rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample:  t2 body and soul.mp3

download: Christian_Vander_Quartet_2012-01-07_Sunside_Paris.zip