Aug 152014

well, august turns out to be a slow month on this blog, but not as slow as last year when we moved to korea.

here’s one that i downloaded just over 3 years ago, and was listening to this morning.  very nice.  as always, the description below is copied almost unmodified from the original info file.

jimmy cobb’s mob
new york city, ny
24 june 1999

richard wyands (piano)
peter bernstein (guitar)
john webber (bass)
jimmy cobb (drums)

cd 1:
track 1: love walked in – 13:13
track 2: say, little mama, say – 10:10
track 3: delilah – 11:40
track 4: this i dig of you – 7:38
track 5: jimmy’s blues – 3:14
track 6: interview – 16:21
cd 2:
track 1: sweet and lovely – 11:27
track 2: will you still be mine – 11:14
track 3: isn’t it a lovely day? – 8:58
track 4: gingerbread boy – 10:01
track 5: vida blue – 10:07
track 6: the theme – 4:16

lineage: unknown (sounds like a fm recording) –> cd-r  –> hard disc –> tlh (flac 8)

very good sound quality!

sample:  cd1 t5 jimmy’s blues.mp3


  5 Responses to “jimmy cobb’s mob – 24 june 1999, birdland, new york city, ny, usa”

  1. what file??????….

  2. !6yyZS7xXJEx5jVeDhMiNsYib5NH01Q7y-48H4cvBXEo

  3. loving this show…THANK YOU SO MUCH!…

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