Jun 112014

BigBadVoodooDaddy_2010 01-01_picas so often, a post of something that i’ve been listening to lately.  i’ve downloaded several bbvd live shows, and this one has a better sound  (pretty good, actually, being fm-sourced) than most of them.

the files for download are labelled 1-jan-2010, but if you listen to it, they get to midnight and auld lang syne towards the end of the show, so it really should be 31-dec-2009.  but…  i downloaded them like that, and didn’t [bother to] change it either on the files, the .zip or even on this posting.  picky picky picky.

i’ve included the cd covers that ‘fastone’ posted in a comment when ‘scooter123’ shared this on dime back in late 2010.


big bad voodoo daddy
disney hall
los angeles, california
1 jan 2010

scotty morris, guitar
anthony von sera, trumpet
glen marhevka , trumpet
alex henderson, trombone
andy rowley, saxophone
dirk shumaker, bass
carl hunter, alto saxaphone
joshua levy, keyboards
kurt sodergren, drums

1. come on
2. calloway boogie
3. pinstripe suit
4. hey now
5. you & me & the bottle makes three
6. 5-10-15
7. jumpin’ jive
8. reefer man
9. minnie the moocher
10. old man of the mountain
11. zig zaggety wup wup
12. simple songs
13. jumping jack
14. i wanna be like you
15. go daddy-o

16. call of the jitterbug
17. big time opera
18. auld lang syne (“old anxiety”)
19. how big can you get
20. so long, farewell, goodbye

TT 1:32

wbgo fm feed > maudio 24b sound card > edirol (24b) > goldwave > media monkey

sample:  t03_pinstripe suit.mp3

download: BigBadVoodooDaddy_2010-01-01_DisneyHall_LosAngelesCA.zip

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