Jun 262014

here’s a little performance that i recorded recently at the portuguese national day, at the residence of ambassador antonio quinteiro mobre and madame marina nobre. antonio and marina are lovely people, and it was a very nice evening, the highlight being a short performance by 4 korean fado musicians.  who knew that fado was listened to, much less performed, in korea?  so many national day events are, well, a bit dull, but this captured the warmth and vivacity of portugal … not to mention it’s fine cuisine!  holding it in their home was, i think, part of that.

unfortunately, i have not been able to get the names of the performers, but i do have the song titles and original performers.

(performers unknown)
fado for the portuguese national day
residence of the ambassador of portugal to south korea
seoul, south korea
10 june 2014

1 (end of intro by ambassador of portugal) 0:32
2 meu amor (cristina branco) 4:08
3 medo (mariza) 4:12
4 loucura (marco rodrigues) 3:28
5 onde vou (marco rodrigues) 4:12

tt 16:32

recorded at the residence of the ambassador of portugal to the republic of korea, h.e. antónio quinteiro nobre, at a reception for the portuguese national day.

source: iphone 4s (using recorderhq app, set for 44.1 khz) > .m4a > mediacoder > .flac > tlh > .wav > cd wave editor (tracking) > wav

sample:  t04 meu amor.mp3

download:  [download id=”1740″]

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