Jun 212014

r.i.p. horace silver.   this show of his was the second set after a great warm up set by the ray barretto sextet show back in august 1996 at the blue note, ny city.  i shared the ray barretto set here last july, and was going to post this a couple of weeks ago when i noticed they were the same night.  but i didn’t get around to it… and now horace silver has died.  another great.

ray barretto opened, followed by  horace silver.  bluenote2005 recorded both sets, and uploaded them to dime within minutes of each other in november 2010.  listening to them in sequence, it almost seems as if there was no break between the two sets, a nice effect.  and a nice recording, too.

the horace silver septet
blue note
new york city, ny
3 aug 1996

horace silver-p
doug webb-ts
ron stout-tp
steve baxter-tb
phil due-bs
bob maize-b
harold mazon-dr

01. announcer/ i want you 6:33
02. announcer hs/ the hippest cat in hollywood 14:58
03. announcer hs/ we’ve got silver at six 14:10
04. announcer hs/ song for my father 15:12

source: audience
sound: b+

sample:  t01 i want you.mp3

download: HoraceSilverSeptet_1996-08-03_BlueNoteNYC.zip

  3 Responses to “horace silver septet – 3 aug 1996 blue note, new york city, ny”

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  2. Thanks pete – appreciate your hard work, you’ve rescued some remarkable material. I had never heard this Silver grouping before, look forward to it.

  3. Thanks, not sure if I have this one or not but it looks good.

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