Dec 062013

here’s a little gem that i downloaded back in 2007 (seeded by ubu).  it was broadcast on swf “jazz session” radio in karlsruhe, the day after webster & byas had recorded “don byas meets ben webster” in villingen on feb 1st & 2nd.  it’s not very long (only 28 minutes) but is lovely, and features the wonderful tete montoliu on piano.

ubu commented that ‘this session has been released (and is likely sourced from there, hence add LP in the lineage) on a bootleg released by the Italian Musica Jazz magazine: Musica Jazz LP 12″: 2MJP 1068’, which was also noted on an allaboutjazz forum.  see also appendix: ben webster’s musical activities from the univ. of michigan.

life has settled down a bit, so i hope to start posting here regularly again.

ben webster / don byas quintet
karlsruhe, germany
2 feb 1968

ben webster – tenor sax
don byas – tenor sax
tete montoliu – piano
peter trunk – bass
albert heath – drums

1. darn that dream () 8:05 [db,ts-feat – cuts in during piano intro]
2. stardust () 5:28 [bw,ts-feat]
3. perdido (juan tizol) 15:07

tt: 28:41

sound: a/a-
source: swf ‘jazz session’ radio broadcast
lineage: radio > (possibly bootleg lp?) > cdr in trade > eac (secure) > cool edit pro > flac (8,asb,verify)

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sample:  karlsruhe_02_stardust.mp3


  2 Responses to “ben webster & don byas – 3 feb 1968, karlsruhe, germany”

  1. Great – thank you for the share. After Webster and Byas had finished the recording the Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe had their turn. According Herbert Joos from the MJQK Don Bays joined the group for a Free Jazz jam. Joos recalled it was recorded. We try to locate the respective recording from the SWR. And probably it will be released on CD.
    Thanks again.

  2. thanks ERnst. that swr recording sounds interesting (if it ever reappears).

    btw, i’m a fan of your blog, inconstant sol – keep it up!


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