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unlike the last posting, which really needed my attention, this is one i could listen to closely or let it play gently in the background as we chat away amongst ourselves, as the crowd that night seemed to be doing.  but fortunately that just gives ambience – it’s an excellent audience recording and chock-a-block full of familiar songs.

kirsten tegtmeyer
jazz in the burbs
the green gate inn
camillus, ny
january 10, 2019

kirsten tegtmeyer, vocals
john magnante, guitar *
matthew vacanti, bass *
* from e.s.p.

01. walk on / tuning (1:48)
02. is you is or is you ain’t my baby (5:41)
03. blues skies (5:12)
04. never no lament (4:03)
05. who will comfort me (5:34)
06. i get a kick (4:58)
07. kiss on my list (4:17)
08. consider me gone (5:40)
09. ain’t no sunshine (4:10)
10. sway (5:26)
11. don’t know why (4:40)
12. comes love (6:16)
13. sunday morning (5:08)
14. cheek to cheek (4:35)
15. kirsten intro banter (1:06)
16. pat metheny tune (6:44)
17. can’t buy me love (7:39)
18. isn’t she lovely (5:08)
19. turn me on (4:42)
20. stitched up (5:54)
21. old devil moon (5:22)
22. mr magic (through the smoke) (4:33)
23. twisted (3:36)
24. that man (3:43)
25. a night like this (5:19)

tt 2:01:12

recording info: beyerdynamic mc930 -> ps-2 -> r-09hr (24/96)
transfer info: audacity (tracking, normalize, dither) -> tlh (flac level 8)
location info: dfc, stage lip, mics at 5′

recorded and mastered by hunting sound man


sample: t22 mr magic (through the smoke) 256k.mp3
download: KirstenTegtmeyer_2019-01-10_GreenGateInn_CamillusNY.zip

  3 Responses to “kirsten tegtmeyer – 10 jan 2019, green gate inn, camillus, ny, usa”

  1. bxgahmknzj

  2. Thanks for these 2 morsels, Pete – enjoy Mehldau tomorrow night at the NCH, your postponed COVID concert, and looking forward to a full report back please! Oh, and hope you’re enjoying the Piano Jazz series…

    • actually, i’m wading my way through around 30 videos from summer jazz festivals in spain: setlists, times, tracking, etc. but that reminds me… i’m not seeing any of that, thought it hadn’t started yet. perhaps i’m not looking at the right one of your blogs?

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