Oct 312021

while a bit of this seemed very “60s” to me, most of it really grabbed my attention, slow, paced, pared down, a bit somber really.  the more i listen to this (on the 3rd time now), the  more i like it.

karin krog & arild andersen
montreux jazz festival
casino (pavillon)
montreux (switzerland)
21 june 1972

karin krog (voc,synth,perc)
arild anderson (b)

1. ode to billie joe – 6:00
2. god bless the child – 4:10
3. medley: different days, different ways > the baby – 10:39
4. ’round midnight – 7:41
5. bansull [norwegian folk song] – 5:09
6. lonely woman – 6:55

tt 40:34

lineage: ö 3 fm broadcast (mono) > r-t-r tape > cd > hdd > audacity > tlh

sound: a – – (tape hiss)

sample: t03 different days, different ways – the baby 256k.mp3
download: KarinKrog_ArildAnderson_1972-06-21_MontreuxSwitzerland.zip

photo:  from norwegian tv, a still from a 23-minute performance that was broadcast the next day, with helge hurum, karen krog, arild andersen, jan garbarek, bernt steen, & others.  turn on your vpn and have a look, it’s a great line up and the best 23 minutes you’ll spend this week.