Nov 082021

this was near the end of louis smith’s career, about which i found little other than his wikipedia page and a number of very warm obituaries of a man who apparently did a lot for jazz in michigan as an educator and, sometimes, performer.  there are worse fates than to be remembered warmly as having made something better.

louis smith quartet
ford detroit international jazz festival”
hart plaza
detroit mi
2 sept 2000

louis smith, trumpet
gary schunk, piano
paul keller, bass
bert myrick, drums

1 ut (4:29)
2 ed’s love (7:51)
3 ut (8:25)
4 ut (7:09)
5 autumn leaves (7:49)
6 ut (6:39)

tt 42:22

recording info:
fm > dat master @ 16bit/32khz
processing: dat master > m1 > adobe audition > cdwav > tlh flac 8
these are 16bit/32khz flac files

line up per louis smith’s comments at the end of track 1. at the
start of track 4, the announcer gives “george davidson” instead
of bert myrick, but i think louis smith knew who he was playing with.

sample: t02 ed’s love 256k.mp3

photo:  undated photo, downloaded from