Oct 102020

just when i thought west side story was dead and gone, “oh no! not when you’re a jet again“, dave grusin, with some mighty fine unindicted co-conspirators, proves me wrong.  this completely renewed my appreciation for this show (not to the extent of watching the film or listening to an original sound track; even great jazz isn’t magic no matter how much it seems that way sometimes).  i did the best i could on the musicians’ links… speaking of which, a big tip o’ the hat (again!) to radio swiss jazz who made that easier and makes my kitchen a happier place (for me anyway!).

dave grusin
‘presents west side story’
festival da jazz
reine victoria
st. moritz, switzerland
03. aug 2018

lee ritenour – g
dave grusin – p
john beasley – keyb
bob sheppard – ts/ss/cl/fl
tom kennedy – b
jean paul höchstädter – dr
dorothea lorene – voc
christian jott jenny – voc

pepe lienhard big band:
juan mungia, wim both, dave blaser, sebastian strempel – tp/flh
edgar schmid, vincent lachat, gilbert tinner – tb
wolf schenk – btb
jörg sandmeier – ts/fl
alex hendriksen – ts/fl/cl
andré cimiotti – as
carlo schöb – bar/bcl
pepe lienhard – fl
billy todzo – perc
baba sissoko – voc & talking drum
luca giordano – g
walter monini – b
pablo leoni – dr

01. prologue (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin/don sebesky) 06:50
02. something’s coming (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin/don sebesky) 07:01
03. announcement dave grusin 01:45
04. cool (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin/tom scott) 04:31
05. announcement dave grusin 01:21
06. maria (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin) 04:25
07. one hand, one heart (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin) 04:39
08. announcement dave grusin 02:12
09. tonight (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin) 04:12
10. announcement dave grusin 00:43
11. i feel pretty (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin) 06:22
12. announcement dave grusin 01:26
13. somewhere (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin) 04:16
14. announcement dave grusin & pepe lienhard 03:30
15. the jet song (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin/michael abene) 07:40
16. announcement dave grusin 01:54
17. america (leonard bernstein/arr. dave grusin/michael abene) 07:04

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – srf 2]


sample: t15 the jet song.mp3
download: DaveGrusin_WestSideStory_2018-08-03_StMoritzSwitzerland.zip

Oct 182019

this was uploaded to dime by ‘simmdale’ over a year ago, but i just ran across it and downloaded it on a whim — jazz fusion isn’t really my thing.  still, i enjoyed it immensely (and am actually listening to it again now).  so, thanks simmdale.  and here you go:  a little change of pace is good for us all.

akira jimbo
tokyo jazz festival 2009
international forum hall a
tokyo, japan
september 5, 2009

akira jimbo – drums, triggered synths and loops, vocals
abraham laboriel – electric bass, vocals
otmaru ruiz – piano, keyboards, vocals
lee ritenour – assorted guitars

01. wicked
02. jimbomba > greetings and band intros by akira
03. tokyo dreamin’
04. four colours
05. snaked
06. emerald coast
07. mid-manhattan

this show was onaired by fm.

sample: t02 jimbomba.mp3
download: AkiraJimbo_2009-09-05_TokyoJazzFestival.zip