Mar 092023

just a quick posting of a show i was listening to yesterday.  if i read the equipment right, it was recorded off the air via an fm receiver onto an olympus camera.  sure, why not?  it worked well anyhow, and nice of the “steven” to share it not being into jazz (unlike all of you).   no setlist or lineup, unfortunately (i am trying to find those; if not, know that i’m rubbish at setlists), but a lovely hour of music from jazz middelheim.  i hope to get to middelheim this year but don’t expect it’ll work out; maybe 2024.

nubya garcia
jazz middelheim, park den brandt, antwerp, belgium, 2019-08-17
no idea about the setlist, i’m not into this kind of music and won’t keep this recording, so keep on seeding please
equipment: yamaha rn500 + olympus dm5
taper: steven
i [“i” is the taper] recorded this show with a timer, i missed the end introductions from the band but luckily all the music is there
2019-08-17 is the correct date, i accidentally wrote 2019-08-18 in the info file…

sample: nUBYA GARCIA jazz middelheim t02 unknown title 256k.mp3

photo: downloaded from, and renamed.  from the page title, it appears to have been taken by peter duyts, and probably either he or have the copyright.  used without permission.