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it wasn’t until i began looking into this that i realized it had been  shared not only on dime but also on inconstant sol (which you should look at if unfamiliar with), but doesn’t seem to have been available for a while (?).  which is a shame because it really is such a phenomenal show.  so here it is, yet again!  inconstant sol had a nice commentary on this, btw.

i also found that it’s available (as a bootleg, as far as i can tell) on a japanese site, where someone added

although it is an album named don cherry, it is an old & new dreams mentz formed under the gate of ornet coleman when he saw personel?i also play natural day tunes?overall, it’s a great performance, but the white eyebrows are drums’ ed blackwell’s play?you can listen to drumming like a japanese child, and it feels irresistible?blackwell himself seems to have heard of japanese ? children?this play convinced him to be the unmistakable and unique jazz giant?i listened to blackwell’s play a lot, but i wonder if it’s the best take to play here?

thanks, machine translation!  and may we always listen to drumming like a japanese child.

in my high school’s artroom above the blackboard, in the mid/late 1970s, someone (i think we can figure out who) had written “bob doyle says more grateful dead!”).  words to live by, certainly, and in that same vein:  more don cherry!

old and new dreams
nervi, italy
july 21, 1979

dewey redman – tenor saxophone, musette
don cherry – trumpet, piano
charlie haden – bass
eddie blackwell – drums

01. happy house – 13:58 (ornette coleman)
02. chairman mao – 14:29 (charlie haden)
03. dewey’s tune [aka venus and mars] – 11:05 (dewey redman)
04. guinea – 5:07 (don cherry)
05. lonely woman / open or close – 18:41 (ornette coleman)

total time 1:03:22

source: soundboard recording
sbd > ? > flac > tlh > fix sbe’s

many thanks to riccardo for sharing this fine recording on the inconstant sol blog.

support the artists! buy their official releases, go to their concerts!
trade freely! do not buy or sell! keep it lossless!

uploaded to dime by propylaen in march 2014.


sample:  t03 dewey’s tune 256k.mp3

photo: vintage travel poster for nervi, italy.  file “nervi-by-giacomo-malugani.jpg” downloaded from original source and copyright unknown. used without permission.

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  1. django_reinhardt

  2. I just finished listening to this again. It’s a great show, thank you for sharing it with us

  3. Many thanks!

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