Mar 092020

aaand we’re back!  actually, still insanely busy, but all work & no play…  anyway, here’s a fun bit of piano jazz that was up on dime a few years ago, the sort of thing that reminds you why piano jazz is so enduring, and with a number of old favorites (including one of mine:  tea for two).  oh, and nhop on bass & art taylor on drums didn’t hurt either!  one caveat, there is a bit of fm hiss.  didn’t notice it until i put on the headphones; seems to come and go.

despite being so busy, it’s not been all work — i’ve also found time to get out a bit, including last wednesday for a night of john coltrane, presented by four exceptional irish jazz musicians.  set one was a selection of coltrane’s compositions, and set two was ‘a love supreme’, played right through.  it was phenomenal.  when they finished, there was that little silence before the clapping starts, which you only get when something was really above and beyond.  i felt as if i had been put through the wringer.  a big tip o’ the hat to ronan guilfoyle (bass), michael buckley (sax), conor guilfoyle (drums), leopoldo osio (piano).

barry harris trio
théâtre de boulogne-billancourt, france
may 23, 1987

barry harris (piano)
niels-henning ørsted pedersen (bass)
art taylor (drums)

01 oblivion (bud powell) 7:20
02 like someone in love (jimmy van heusen, johnny burke) 11:49
03 tea for two (vincent youmans, irving caesar) 8:45
04 i’ll keep loving you (bud powell) 6:51
05 i want to be happy (vincent youmans, irving caesar) 4:45
06 monk medley (thelonious monk) 8:55
07 buttercup (bud powell) 7:01
08 salt peanuts (dizzy gillespie, kenny clarke) 4:00
09 un poco loco (bud powell) 6:34
10 dusky n’ sandy (bud powell) 9:10
11 how high the moon (morgan lewis, nancy hamilton) / ornithology (charlie parker) 3:24

tt 1:18:34

fm > yamaha tx-330 > audacity (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : les légendes du jazz, france musique, december 15 & 16, 2018

sample: t05 i want to be happy.mp3

Nov 192016

coryell-catherine-grappelli-nhop-1980-05-03-paris-front-cover-300x300here’s a show featuring nhop – niels henning orsted pedersen.  a danish friend of mine & i were talking about nhop, so i ended up listening to most of the shows that i have with nhop (before making copies for her), and plan to share a few of those here.  unless i get distracted, in which case there’ll be something else.

speaking of nhop…. over on ubu roi, you should still be able to download hank mobley in copenhagen, march 1968, featuring nhop along with albert ‘tootie’ heath & kenny drew.  and the last posting at bogard’s jazz spot is available: martial solal & nhop, at the philharmonie in berlin, november 1976 (it’s mp3 though).

larry coryell, philip catherine, stephane grappelli, niels henning orsted pedersen
espace cardin
paris, france
3 may 1980

larry coryell – guitar
philip catherine – guitar
stephane grappelli – violin
niels henning orsted pedersen – drums

1. my serenade
2. autumn leaves
3. swing guitars
4. tears
5. are you in the mood?
6. nuages
7. minor swing
8. blues for django and stephane

source: fm from reel master
tape reel on akai deck, zoom h4, sd card to pc, audacity (volume & tracks), flac (tlh).

seeder’s comments:
i recorded this with my akai reel to reel machine in 1980.
this deck lost condition some years ago and i recently did my best to give him
a better health.
so, at the moment, i’m able to rip some old interesting recordings.
this one never saw the light of day until now and i don’t see any other version
of this show on the tracker.

sample: t03 swing guitars.mp3