Jan 132021

it’s funny how things that sound like they’ll be so similar can be so different.  in this case, it’s this show and the one the next day.  only a day apart, same line up, many of the same pieces were played.  yet i really enjoyed this, listened to it twice, and did not much care for the other recording.  i say it’s funny because it seems more often to be the other way around, with consecutive shows being very similar, and my different take on these two shows on the 23rd and 24th was unexpected.  anyway, this is the one that i liked… no surprise there!

andrew cyrille quintet

leverkusener jazztage
galerietreff, leverkusen, germany
23 october 1992

andrew cyrille dr
oliver lake as
ted daniel tp, flh
adegoke steve colson p
reggie workman b

first set

1 gano club (ol,comp) / announcement ac (15:00)
2 the tap dance (ol,comp) (07:43)
3 announcement ac / encounter (johncarter,comp) (11:46)
4 ? (09:18)
5 announcement ac / glow (asc,comp,td,tp-feat) (07:51)
6 announcement ac / shell (ac,comp)] (21:34)

second set

7 just a little (ol,comp) / announcement ac (13:37)
8 south of the border serenade (asc,comp) (14:06)
9 announcement ac / prophet (ol,comp,as-feat) (09:27)
10 announcement ac / my friend louis (ac,comp) / announcement ac (26:53)

tt 2:17:16

source: sony ecm-155 > sony tc- d3 > sony dt-120p > denon cdr 1000 audio cd recorder > audacity > flac 6

setlist based on comments on dime tracker webpage, but may not be completely accurate; times are as tracked here.

sample:  (problems uploading it, check back later)
download: AndrewCyrille_1992-10-23_LeverkusenGermany.zip

Jun 192020

here’s what i’m listening to just this minute.  it’s another fair sized group — this is not an intentional theme, btw  — but i think quite different to the last two.  no tracking on this, as it’s a video demux (so .ac3 format), but i haven’t seen many good places to break it into tracks (plus: the hassle!).  so enjoy it as i am:  as one continuous performance.

btw, if you like a midsummer night’s dream, and i most certainly do, check out the globe theatre production, available on youtube until the 28th.

michele rosewoman and new yor-uba
jazz jamboree
warsaw, congress hall
(warszawa, sala kongresowa),
october 26, 1984

michele rosewoman – piano, vocal
olu femi mitchell – vocal
baikida carroll – trumpet, flugelhorn
rasul siddik – trumpet, flute
oliver lake – alto sax, soprano sax, flute
john stubblefield – tenor sax
howard johnson – baritone sax, tuba, penny whistle
bob stewart – tuba
kelvyn bell – guitar
anthony cox – bass
pheeroan aklaff – drums
gene golden – percussion
eddie bobe – percussion, vocal
eddie rodriquez – percussion, vocal

no setlist

tt: 1:03:59

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

lineage: tvp kultura rebroadcast > digital satellite > hdd > dvd

pro pal dvd
menu and chapters

video attributes:
compression mode: mpeg-2
tv system: 625/50 (pal)
aspect ratio: 4:3
picture resolution: 720×576
frame rate: 25
bitrate: 9830 kbps

audio attributes:
sampling rate: 48 khz
bitrate: 448 kbps

demux additional lineage:
as above > ffmpeg (copy audio) > separate .ac3 audio file

sample: sample 13-00 to 20-00.mp3
download:  MicheleRosewoman_1984-10-26_WarsawPoland_demux.zip