Apr 102013

johnny-griffin-eddie-lockjaw-davis-1962-10-10-penthouse-front-coveri think that you can never really get enough of johnny griffin & eddie “lockjaw” davis together.  finishing up now and thought it’s been a while… so tomorrow’s forecast is a johnny griffin & eddie “lockjaw” davis tsunami.

i was in budapest all last week, and caught micheller myrtill & her band swinguistique at fat mo’s. swinguistique were great, and much as the name might suggest; micheller has a lovely voice & gets the audience going.  don’t miss them if you get a chance.  and fat mo’s was very much my kind of place, wish i’d run across it sooner than my last day in budapest so i could spend some serious time there (that’s what you get on business trips, i guess…).

johnny griffin – eddie “lockjaw” davis quintet
the penthouse
seattle, wa
10-11 october, 1962

johnny griffin, eddie “lockjaw” davis – tenor saxophone
horace parlan – piano
buddy catlett – bass
art taylor – drums

october 10

1. the blues up and down – 8:03
2. owl – 8:56
3. bahia – 9:34
4. blue lou – 5:36

october 11

5. second balcony jump
6. how am i to know? – 10:59
7. tickle toe – 7:11
8. sophisticated lady – 4:28
9. theme / announcer (fades out) – 1:23


lineage: fm > ? > cdr > eac (secure) > cd wave > flac frontend

sample:  griff-lock1962-10-10_t04.mp3

download: JohnnyGriffin_EddieLockjawDavis_1962-10-10_Penthouse_SeattleWA.zip

  6 Responses to “johnny griffin – eddie lockjaw davis quintet — 10 & 11 oct 1962 seattle wa, usa”

  1. the zip file has gone walkabout. i’ll try to reupload it this weekend.


  2. I agree, you can’t get enough of the fastest tenor in the west. Saw him at Ronnie Scott’s May 2008. Great night.
    Could I please trouble you to re-up the Penthouse Seattle gig.
    Many thanks.

  3. jXxtUYPQBfXKXny

    re-uploaded. also made a cover for it.

    everything still hosted on the old domain is… still on the old domain. so the links to those items don’t work. not too much there, but now that i realize this, i’ll see about moving the rest into the cloud.

  4. Listening now. Thank you very much.

  5. I can assure you that your efforts are highly appreciated! Thank you so much!!

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