Jan 142020

eddie harris isn’t a name that i hear very often, which is too bad, as it sounds as if he put on a great show.  this one also has constant bit of crowd noise that gives it the feel of a club; that can be good or bad, here i think it worked (though it needs turning up, or is it my ears?).  i knew i’d not listened to this in years as it was still in shn format (don’t see that much!)  which i’ve converted to flac.

eddie harris
la jolla, california
23 nov 1985

eddie harris – tenor sax
louis spears – bass
albert ‘tootie’ heath – drums
ray renaldo – congas

cd 1: 64:36
d1t01 ?
d1t02 ?
d1t03 equals love
d1t04 you stole my heart
d1t05 how can you live like that
d1t06 introductions and eddie talkin’ shit
d1t07 elario’s theme song
d1t08 ?

cd 2: 45:05
d2t01 ?
d2t02 ->milestones
d2t03 ?
d2t04 god bless the child
d2t05 that is why

cd 3: 46:07
d3t01 ?
d3t02 ?
d3t03 ?
d3t04 evil ways

master: (1) nakamichi cm 300 (with cp-1 capsule) > sony wm d-6c
cdr: yamaha kx393 > tascam cdrw 700 > eac > shntool join > sound forge 4.5 (to remove tape flips) > cdwav > mkwact

i originally downloaded jan-2009 from dime (#232127, seed by ‘abbcccus’) in shn format, and converted the files
to flac in jan 2020. as part of that, i slightly renamed the files from cd 1 to be consistent with the others
(though, would anyone break the show up into audio cds now?), created new checksum files and added this new info
file (original file retained).

sample: d2 t01 unknown.mp3
download: EddieHarris_1985-11-23_Elarios_LaJollaCA_FLAC.zip

Aug 032017

well, i was on a bit of a heath bros kick today.  which, by the way, is quite the way to get a day’s work in.  like those old lucky ads said:  picks you up when you’re down, calms you down when you’re tense.  etc etc.

started with jimmy heath and the heath brothers at mr c’s, 1978; followed by jimmy Heath at the ramada inn, august 17, 1975 (vol 1.. where’s vol 2 please?); finishing up with this fantastic show from japan in 1975, with both nat adderley (applause) and cedar walton (more applause), not to mention tootie heath!  actually, that last show was on twice, as i’d earlier trimmed 2-second gaps but had kept — and inadvertently played — the original files as well.  halfway through the second go-around… well, here ya go.  enjoy.  btw, times below may be off by 2 seconds or so. 🙂


jimmy heath and nat adderley
nhk 505
tokyo, japan
23 july 1995

nat adderley – cornet
jimmy heath – tenor/sop sax
albert tootie heath – drums
cedar walton – piano
ray drummond – bass

disc 1.
01 announcer speaker / winter sleeves / announcer speaker 15:50
02. sposin’ / announcer jh 5:27
03. round midnight / announcer jh 9:06
04. cedar’s blues / announcer jh 12:11
05. my heart stood still (ceder walton with trio, minus jimmy and nat) 8:17
06. worksong 8:55
total 59:48

disc 2
07. on the trail 12:32
08. announcer jh / no greater love/ announcer jh 5:45
09. announcer na / on green dolphin street / announcer jh 10:37
10. alone together/ announcer jh 7:18
11. gingerbread boy 10:44
total 46:56

total time 1:46:44

sound: a
source: radio > dime > tlh (decode) > wav > wavtrim 2.24 (trim space) > wav > tlh (re-encode) > flac level 5

additional comments:
downloaded from dime march 2008 (seeded by bluenote2005). there were 2-second gaps at the end of every track, which i have removed using wavtrim 2.24.   consequently, i have redone this info file and created new .md5 and .ffp files. — pete (dublin)


sample: d1 t06 worksong.mp3
download: JimmyHeath_NatAdderley_1995-07-23_Tokyo.zip

covers by ‘angela’, downloaded in 2008 from comments on the dime tracker when i downloaded the original files.

Jun 082016

Yusef Lateef - 1970-07 CD Front Insertwell, following through on the ahmad jamal – yusef lateef show… i was going to upload an absolutely amazing show from 6 dec 2008 that mbutchko shared on dime a day or two after the show (yes, mbutchko who recently has shared some phenomenal pharoah sanders shows that got me started on a jamal-lateef-sanders kick again!).  but that is available on line at metarecords.com, which appears to be the label of adam rudolf, one of the musicians that night.  you would be well advised to follow those links & check it out, maybe buy it (i plan to, now that i realize it’s out there).

however, here’s another fine show, from the 1970 montreux jazz festival.  this has been shared elsewhere, including on inconstant sol and ubu roi (not once but twice).  but the links are all dead, so here’s a fresh share.

if you want more yusef lateef – and, sure, who doesn’t? – inconstant sol is still sharing ‘yusef lateef in europe 1971‘, three shows from 20-21-22 oct 1971.


yusef lateef
montreux jazz festival
montreux, switzerland
july 1970

yusef lateef – tenor sax, flute, oboe
barry harris – piano
bob cunningham – bass
albert “tootie” heath – drums

1. yusef’s mood (yusef lateef) 9:54
2. these foolish things (harry link, holt marvell, jack strachey) 8:57
3. soul flute (6:11)
4. the road back (yusef lateef) 7:00
5. stone henge (yusef lateef) 11:50
6. off minor (thelonious monk) 5:49
7. (blues) (14:26)
8. vibration (yusef lateef) 8:52

tt: 73:04

fm? > ? > cdr > eac > flac

sample: t4 the road back.mp3
download: YusefLateef_1970-07_Montreaux_Jazzfest.zip