Aug 142020

what i’ve been listening to yesterday.  it’s nice to have some jazz violin that’s not “gypsy jazz” (which i also am very fond of).  and an excellent recording, like all the other “lerond” recordings i’ve heard.  there’s also a solo performance by jenny scheinman birchmere in alexandria, posted here almost exactly 5 years ago.

lately, i’ve been listening to a few jazz performances from youtube (not great sound specs, but you pays your money and you takes your choice, eh?) of performances that i’d mostly missed at the hugh lane gallery and/or from the improvised music center, both here in dublin.  you might enjoy the recent show at the hugh lane by izumi kimura and cora venus lunny, who i heard last year at an improv festival here.  (that link is to the hugh lane page; the yt page is here.)  it’s funny:  it seems easier to make it to a show at a club than online… life gets in the way more often.

jenny scheinman & allison miller’s parlour game featuring tony scherr & carmen staaf
freight & salvage coffeehouse
berkeley, ca
4 june 2019

jenny scheinman: violin
allison miller: drums
tony scherr: contrabass
carmen staaf: piano

set one

s1t01 – greetings and announcements from tim mcgraw 03:39
s1t02 – play money 07:25
s1t03 – 116th and congress 09:04
s1t04 – band intros 01:15
s1t05 – lead with love 08:22
s1t06 – top shelf 05:16
s1t07 – fake weather 07:04
s1t08 – michigan 08:57
s1t09 – 4b or for b 09:02
s1t10 – miss battle’s cannonball 07:56
s1t11 – i heart eye patch 04:25

set two
s2t01 – greetings and announcements from tim mcgraw 00:56
s2t02 – beans and rice 06:38
s2t03 – song for sidiki 10:03
s2t04 – untitled 04:13
s2t05 – untitled 03:19
s2t06 – untitled 05:40
s2t07 – band intros 04:32
s2t08 – sleep rider 06:27

total: 114:23

this is a 16bit 44.1khz file set
recorded by jean lerond
dpa4023 cardioids in din configuration -> sound devices mixpre-6
audacity was used for tracking and flac8 conversion

sample:  s1t07 fake weather.mp3