Dec 242012

there was a seed today of  miles davis, 1964-07-12 in tokyo, which i have already.  but that got me pulling out some older miles…  here’s a show from amsterdam in 1957, very nice, that was shared by “ubu”.

it’s apparently a well-known bootleg (lonehill); the version shared here having been speed-corrected by “dr goody”.

miles davis
amsterdam, the netherlands
december 8, 1957

miles davis – trumpet
barney wilen – tenor saxophone
rené urtreger – piano
pierre michelot – bass
kenny clarke – drums

1. woody ‘n’ you (dizzy gillespie) 4:58
2. bags’ groove (milt jackson) 7:05
3. what’s new (bob haggart) 3:35
4. but not for me (george gershwin) 6:41
5. a night in tunisia (dizzy gillespie) 7:18
6. four (miles davis) > the theme (miles davis) 4:25
7. walkin’ (richard carpenter) 6:37
8. well, you needn’t (thelonious monk) 5:27
9. ’round about midnight (thelonious monk) 5:28
10. lady bird (tadd dameron) > the theme (miles davis) 5:40

tt: 57:18

release info for all tracks (all bootlegs!)
12″ lp: celluloid 6715-16, jazz o.p. oms-7003
cd: celluloid 668232, lone hill jazz lhj 10141
>> recording was 20-bit remastered in 2005 > goody’s additional lineage: dbpoweramp (wav) > cool edit pro (pitch bender +47 cents) > trader’s little helper (flac, ffp)

from halowdance & goody notes:  “amsterdam concert” is a rare live miles davis recording from 1957.  this album, one of the least known recordings of miles davis, was recorded at the concertgebouw in amsterdam on december 8, 1957, a couple of days after the recording of the movie soundtrack “ascenseur pour l’échafaud.” on this concert, miles didn’t play with his regular quintet, but with the same line-up he used for the recording of “ascenseur pour l’échafaud.” it features barney wilen on tenor saxophone, rené urtreger on piano, pierre michelot on bass and kenny clarke on drums.

sample: 03 what’s new.mp3
sample: 04 but not for me.mp3

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