Feb 252022

not concert, but a few very nice snippets from concerts strung together on a radio show.  and the three bits work together very well (no surprise there).

esbjörn svensson trio/duo & solo
feat: viktoria tolstoy & lina nyberg
stockholm & umeå
1998, 1995 & 1996

e.s.t. w/viktoria tolstoy (voc)
hörsalen, kulturhuset
stockholm, march 1998

esbjörn svensson (p)
dan berglund (b)
magnus öström (d)

1. radio announcement 0:12
2. wonderful life (svensson (music), littwold (lyrics)) 4:24
3. high heels (svensson/tolstoy (music), littwold (lyrics)) 7:27
4. my funny valentine 6:20

esbjörn svensson duo w/lina nyberg (voc)
umeå jazz festival
folkets hus
umeå, sweden
october 25-29, 1995

5. radio announcement 0:21
6. now someone stepping in 4:45
7. things that happen 5:03
8. the song is you 6:09
9. close 4:36

esbjörn svensson (solo)
stockholm, sweden
december 1996

10. radio announcement 0:15
11. at saturday or after the weekend 12:03

tt 51:40

fm broadcast (analogue cable) > philips cdr765 > adobe audition 3.0 > flac

sample: t08 the song is you.mp3
download: Esbjorn_Svensson_1998_ViktoriaTolstoy_1995_LinaNyberg_1996solo.zip

photo:  screenshot from an undated youtube video of e.s.t. live in gothenburg

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