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i feel as if i’ve given jazz vocalists a bit of a cold shoulder for the last 25 letters or so, and maybe it’s time to even the score a bit.  other than nina simone herself, this is my favorite tribute – jhelisa really has an amazing voice, and i love what she’s done with these songs.  if you still have a browser that supports flash, try jhelisamusic.com (i’ve linked to another page below).  a tip o’ the hat to pdub2000 for sharing this back in 2010.

jhelisa’s tribute to nina simone
bellsouth jazz tent
new orleans jazz & heritage festival
new orleans, la, usa
29 april 2006

(band not identified)

01. ? > i want a little sugar in my bowl > see line woman
02. i put a spell on you
03. ? > band intros > ?
04. feeling good

tt 44:13

source: unknown mics > dat
transfer: cd > freerip > bulk rename utility > trader’s little helper > torrent


sample: t01 unknown – i want a little sugar in my bowl – see line woman 192k.mp3
download: Jhelisa_2006-04-29_ (Nina_Simone_Tribute)_NOLAJazzfest.zip

photo:  by alex piepenbrock, from kindamuzik.net, used without permission

  6 Responses to “jhelisa – 29 apr 2006, nina simone tribute, nola jazzfest, new orleans, la, usa”

  1. rhqepsheid

  2. One of the many things I like about this blog is finding new and interesting jazz voices and instrumentalists – for that (and other things), thanks very much!

  3. BIG THX!…

  4. Complete track names:

    01. Work Song / I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl / See Line Woman

    02. I Put A Spell On You

    03. Sinnerman / Band Intro / I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free

    04. Feeling Good

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