Oct 042020

french jazz brings in some nice influences, as here with the oud & the derbouka (i had to look derbouka up.. oh! so that’s what that is called…).  the oud is a beautiful instrument, in so many ways, and i enjoyed hearing it in a slightly different context.  it all works together very well.  another performance you might like is ballaké sissoko & vincent segal at jazz à vienne 2020; i am not at all familiar with the kora, that ballaké sissoko plays – a lovely sound, give that a listen.

sophie alour “exil(s)”
jazz sous les pommiers
coutances, france
30 may 2019

sophie alour – saxophone, flute, compositions
mohamed abozékry – oud
donald kontamanou – drums
philippe aerts – double bass
damien argentieri – piano
wassim halal – derbouka, bendi

01 0:00:00 opening credits
02 0:00:25 exil(s)
03 0:09:16 sa talking & band intros
04 0:12:38 unknown
05 0:21:23 sa intro wassim halal
06 0:21:52 unknown
07 0:35:11 unknown
08 0:39:20 unknown
09 0:46:24 unknown
10 0:49:32 sa band intros
11 0:50:12 joy
12 0:56:26 clapping & closing band intros
13 0:57:51 encore
14 1:00:59 clapping & closing credits

tt 1:01:52

downloaded 24-sept-2020 from france.tv

webstream > jdownloader2 > video mp4
demux audio details (tracked)
video/audio as above > vlc media player > wav > cd wave editor > flac (tracked)


sample: t08 unknown.mp3
download: SophieAlour_2019-05-30_CoutancesFrance_Demux.zip

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  2. Thanks Pete, very interesting sounds, great post. Best wishes and keep safe.

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