Apr 192019

here’s another show featuring the clarinet (though not as clarinet-focused as the last post).  the two shows work well as a companion pieces, on a rainy good friday afternoon here.  it’s easter and spring is definitely here.

and such a nice line up too!  incidentally, airelle besson’s website shows that she’s coming to ireland on tour in october, including at the sugar club on leeson street (not yet on their webpage) and the pavilion in dun laoghaire.  book early & often, just like voting (actually, with ireland’s system of a single transferable vote in a multi-member constituency, when you vote, you do vote often, ha ha).

well, that was quite the afternoon, with two posts in as many hours.  about time, after a bit of a dry spell (been busy, yet again).  enjoy!

riccardo del fra quintet
festival international du jazz au cinéma
sunside, paris, france
11 april 2013

airelle besson (trumpet, flugelhorn)
jean dousteyssier (clarinet, bass clarinet)
paul lay (piano)
riccardo del fra (double bass)
ariel tessier (drums)

01 pour rire 17:27
02 unknow 10:34
03 del fra intro 4:17
04 un couple épatant 5:19
05 del fra intro 1:19
06 après la vie 8:44
07 interview 6:48
08 cavale 7:31
09 unknow 8:23
10 rapt 6:17
11 del fra intro 0:46
12 unknow 5:09

tt 1:22:32


fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : jazz club, france musique, 12 april 2013
interview by yvan amar

sample: t06 apres la vie.mp3
download: RiccardoDelFra_2013-04-11_Sunside_ParisFrance.zip

  3 Responses to “riccardo del fra quintet – 11 april 2013, sunside, paris, france”

  1. eoilLRlkkopb

  2. Thanks for this, Pete – and glad that you enjoyed the Piano Jazz broadcasts posted on Think Too Much Jazz-Live. If you haven’t seen them, I’ve put up all the .wavs of the CD releases and also other contributions received to try to complete the series (still > 200 to go, though!).

    • yes, i’ve been listening to some of the piano jazz broadcasts you shared on ttmjl – great stuff, and a big thanks to you! i’m still downloading them, actually; no rush, the downloading is still way ahead of the listening. problem is, i’m not listening to them while i work: the interview parts are interesting, and so they really break my concentration on whatever i’m doing, in a way that even vocal jazz doesn’t. (tracking shows while working? nope, can’t do that and work at the same time either. gee.)



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