Apr 192019

anat cohen is another from that musical family, who have featured here a couple of times already, both avishai cohhen and of course the three cohens, so now we’re only missing yuval.  i must say, i love their music.  and anat’s clarinet is a bit more laid back and (as i always think of clarinet, so maybe this is just me) a bit mournful.

anat cohen quartet
berklee college of music
boston, mass.
dec. 31, 2009
(aired dec. 31, 2015 / early jan. 1, 2016)

anat cohen, clarinet/tenor saxophone
jason lindner, piano
joe martin, bass
daniel freedman, drums

1 stage intro 1:28
2 jitterbug waltz 13:43
3 band intro 1:09
4 siboney 13:18
5 stage talk 1:09
6 a change is gonna come 8:00
7 another band intro 1:10
8 washington square park 13:30
9 encore intro 1:14
10 unidentified 2:20

source: wwno-fm > radioshark fm-receiver hardware > usb > sony vaio vpcs131fm (running ubuntu linux) > shark v1.0 (linux command line) > sox v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > copy 1 large flac file > macbook pro (2.3 ghz intel core i7) > sox v14.4.0 > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav > dsp-quattro 4.4 (normalized by 6.2 db db, split into songs) > x audio compression toolkit 2.39 (level 8 compression) > flac

editing notes: 1.2 seconds raised 10 db about 1:10 into track 2 (volume dropped abruptly)

aired as part of npr’s annual “toast of the nation” new year’s eve programming on dec 31, 2015/jan. 1, 2016.

sample: t06 a change is gonna come.mp3
download: AnatCohen_2009-12-31_BerkleeCollege_BostonMA.zip

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  1. PFhuaCXrXRCn

  2. Thanks – love Anat, she’s wonderful!

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