Apr 202018

as the man says in track 2, “we’re gonna make it funky right now”.  this is one of the phenomenal swissbird & simplexsimplicissimus releases from estival jazz.  collect ’em all, people.


maceo parker and the roots revisited
estival jazz
piazza della riforma
lugano, switzerland
1 july 1993

maceo parker – alto saxophone
alfred “pee wee” ellis – tenor saxophone
fred wesley – trombone
bruno speight – guitar
william boulware – keyboards
carl dashiell – bass
melvin parker – drums

disc 1 :
1. for the elders 12:02
2. shake everything you`ve got 17:51
3. addictive love 7:56
4. gimme some more 17:06


disc 2 :
1. let`s get it on / sexual healing 9:51
2. cold sweat 9:34
3. chicken soup 4:55
4. doin` it to death 2:52
5. funky good times 7:29
6. make it funky 4:45
7. pass the peas 2:17
8. soul power 7:22


tt 1:44:07

soundboard > dat > 1st copy > eac > wave > flac frontend
(align on sector boundaries level 8) >
torrent on http://bt.easytree.org (as shn version)
reseed in 2004 on www.dimeadozen.org (as flac version, see lineage)

seeder’s comments:
the one or another may have this great bootleg
as fm source , but believe me , this soundboard version
is much better and no radio moderation disturbs.

not only for jazz fans , very funky !!!

naughtyknight (a.k.a. simplex) & the swissbird` first release

sample: d2t02_cold sweat.mp3
download:  MaceoParker_1993-07-01_EstivalJazz_LuganoSwitzerland.zip

covers included in the original download, presumably by swissbird & simplexsimplicissimus, but i don’t know for sure.


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  1. !9iQaO43kjbwKiFtAWhasvoxDLtnhF03CAOTTVndODrw

  2. Funky thanks.

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