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this is one of two ‘tin hat’ shows that were on dime in early 2012.  i’m a little surprised at myself, forgetting all about them instead of rushing out to buy everything that they have.  or maybe tin hat just worked a lot better for me this week than 5 years ago?  then again, i can be a bit of a sucker for accordion & violin…  but tin hat are much more than that.  as they put it on their webpage,

forging a new acoustic sound that defies categorization while striking universal chords, tin hat makes freewheeling chamber music for the 21st century.

that works for me!  enjoy.


tin hat trio
‘jazz lines 2002’
theater im haus der kunst
münchen, germany
14 april 2002

mark orton – guitar, dobro
rob burger – accordion, piano
carla kihlstedt – violin

01 the new pinks tango
02 helium
03 tuning
04 scrap>sand dog blues
05 fountain of youth
06 the last cowboy
07 big top
08 old grey mare
09 bill
10 maximo’s plunge
11 the quick marble tremble
12 untitled
13 waltz of the skycraper
14 fear of the youth

tt: 70 min.

tv-broadcast > hifi video-master > acoustica wave editor > hd > cdwav > flac frontend, level 8 > cdr (audio) or cdr (flac)

sample: t05 fountain of youth.mp3
download: TinHatTrio_2002-04-14_MunichGermany.zip

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  2. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi Pete, Glad to see you’re posting again, you always come up with something different, Cheers!

  4. BIG THX!….

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