Feb 042017

i’ve been on a bit of a piano kick this week, and dusted off this fine performance by the lafayette harris trio from just a couple of weeks before his album trio talk was released.


the covers came with the original seed by ‘unclewolfi’ on dime back in 2011.

lafayette harris trio
39. internationalen jazzwoche
jazzkeller im mautnerschloss
burghausen, germany
07 mar 2008

lafayette harris – piano
dwayne dolphin – bass
alvester garnett – drums

01. blues on the edge (harris) 05:38
02. i mean you (monk) 08:25
03. girl talk (hefti) 04:34
04. lover (rodgers/hart) 04:52
05. all the things you are (kern/hammerstein) 08:04
06. bolivia (walton) 05:36
07. i’ve never been in love before (losser) 06:24
08. blues in closet [fade out] (pettiford) 05:09

tt 48:44

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium 2300 > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/320 kbps)

sample: t06 bolivia.mp3
download: LafayetteHarris_2008-03-07_BurghausenGermany.zip

  4 Responses to “lafayette harris trio – 7 mar 2008, jazzwoche burghausen, germany”

  1. yoTjJavJcNPBkYu

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks very much for this excellent piano trio. I think perhaps that your mailing list might have also been affected as I didn’t get an e-mail about this latest upload, for which many thanks…

      Kind Regards,


      • thanks charlied. i’ll try to fix that this weekend (or sooner, with luck).


      • i setup a test posting — it did eventually show up in my inbox (i have an email subscription on a secondary email address). as far as i can tell, it took around 2 hours to post to my email (that seems a long time… have to look into it).

        so it looks to me as if the email subscriptions are working… eventually.

        thanks again for your comment (and for further feedback if the above isn’t what you’re seeing).


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