Dec 102016

here’s a show by joe farrell (from the original return to forever among other things).  it was the last performance at the lighthouse, a long standing jazz club in california.  great show, and a super recording.

according to bob rosenbaum’s website, this “was all captured on tape for a radio broadcast which never materialized.”  i do not know if this was from that recording, but it seems a reasonable assumption.

joe farrell quartet
the final lighthouse
hermosa beach, ca.
march 29, 1981

joe farrell – tenor sax, flute
george cables – piano
bob magnusson – bass
peter erskine – drums

disc 1
1. speak low (16:23)
2. morning song (13:37)
3. bora-bora (13:15)

tt: 43:15

disc 2
4. byrdlike (16:13)
5. my funny valentine (12:21)
6. st. thomas (14:14)
7. theme (old cowhand) (1:37)

tt: (44:24)

source: sbrd->cassette (2nd gen)->nad 6325->audiosource eq100->sony md2-je510->tascam cd-rw700 (flac)
505 mb

original seeders comments:
i received this tape back in 1982 from the same guy who did the art pepper interviews i seeded awhile back. he was friends with the soundman, and received a 1st gen tape, so mine is 2nd generation. i don’t believe this has ever circulated. the lighthouse was a landmark jazz club for many, many years. i hope you enjoy this…the closing night performance of this legendary club.

joe farrell is one of the forgotten artists of the 60s, 70s and early 80s….he was an original member of return to forever, but is most known for his albums on the cti label. a good listen here, with a wonderful rhythem section will be an eye-opener to many.

sample: d1t3 bara bara 192k.mp3

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  2. Thanks Pete, this looks a great session, interesting choice of tunes,with a first class rhythm section . Looking forward to hearing this.

  3. Sadly, the link doesn’t seem to work. 🙁

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