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these two shows by joanne brackeen are from successive berliner jazztage.  the pieces are mostly original compositions, with only 1 piece (haiti-b) repeated over the two performances.   i don’t have much joanne brackeen, and mostly from that period, which was a spectacular one for her.

joanne brackeen trio
live at berliner jazztage 1977 & 1978
“philharmonie”, berlin germany

november 5, 1977
joanne brackeen (p)
clint houston (b)
chip lyles (dr)

1 announcements by werner wunderlich
2 echoes (brackeen)
3 haiti-b (brackeen)
4 ’round midnight (t.monk)
5 c-sri (brackeen)
6 tring-a-ling (brackeen)
7 shadowbrook-aire (brackeen)

broadcast: rbb kulturradio, november 30, 2012

october 31, 1978
joanne brackeen (p)
eddie gómez (b)
chip lyles (dr)

1 announcements by achim hebgen
2 international festival (brackeen)
3 lost or found (brackeen)
4 golden garden (brackeen)
5 habitat (brackeen)
6 in a sentimental mood (ellington)
7 prism (brackeen)
8 if you dare (brackeen)
9 haiti-b (brackeen)

broadcast: rbb kulturradio, january 18, 2013

lineage (both shows):
dvb-c (320 kbps/ 48 khz) > technotrend tt-1501 dvb-c pci card > harddisk.
edits were made with the mp3directcut software.

sample: 1977 t03 lost Or found.mp3

  5 Responses to “joanne brackeen trio – live at berliner jazztage 1977 & 1978, philharmonie, berlin germany”

  1. !3fxsT8VXca5A3fYLhrQ1S_9YM_y3NCT7q0wn7KGuxUc

  2. thanks for the joann, here’s eddie a little later w/ chick corea at jazz alley this oct. my remastered rcding w/ talk cut out, single file @320,

    • thanks, vsop. i took a turn against chick corea at some point, not sure why, but i quite liked this.

      so i’ve downloaded a recent chick corea / john mclaughlin seed on dime. might be risky: i also took a turn against john mclaughlin at some point. but in for a penny, in for a pound, eh? and tastes change.


  3. i blow hot and cold on mclaughlin, but w/ chick sounds good. here’s another of mine that has much better sound. ben wendell quartet in sept in seattle.

  4. ..oh, and i really do like chick , but he insists on the crowd singing every show lately…

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