Nov 172012

ok, i haven’t actually been listening to this one like crazy.  i was, however, listening* to a great 1964 charlie parker tribute that echinops seeded on dime, and that got me pulling out the few charlie parker shows that i have for a relisten, including this one, which was (re?)seeded by u014945 after high hiss reduction + click pop elimination
* yes in my car again; i don’t actually drive much, would you believe

charlie parker
hi-hat club, boston, ma

charlie parker – alto sax
herbie williams – trumpet
rollins griffith – piano
jimmy woode – bass
marquis foster – drums

01 ornithology
02 out of nowhere
03 my funny valentine*
04 cool blues
* – this might be from a different night, but still from the hi-hat club in jan 1954.

lineage:  wcop broadcast > ? > “the bird you never heard” (stash stcd 10) > eac > flac (secure mode) + checksum by amellowsoul > dime > cool edit pro (high hiss reduction + click pop eliminator ) > tlh( sbe – flac (8)) > dime

in his latter career, bird was a free agent, and bands were made of local musicians backing him up.

none of these songs are from the offical release, “bird at the high hat” on blue note.
the dates used on that were from 1953-12-19 and 1954-01-24.

sample: t01 ornithology.mp3


  3 Responses to “charlie parker – 18 jan 1954 hi-hat club, boston ma”

  1. Hello Pete,
    If you could find the time to reupload this somewhere, i would be eternally grateful, since firedrive is dead. Thanks for all the great stuff!

    • not sure if i replied to blubiblabi by email at the time. but the link above is fresh today.


  2. moved to mega…


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