May 172013

the chieftains & friends
flagey, place sainte-croix, brussels
24 april 2013

paddy maloney (uileann pipes, tin whistle), matt malloy (flute),
seán keane (fiddle) and kevin conneff (bodhrán)
jon pilatzke (fiddle, stepdancing), nathan pilatzke (stepdancing),
triona marshall (harp), alyth mccormack (vocals), shauna ryan (irish
dancing), the pipes, drums and bikes band (bagpipes), comhaltas ceoltóirí
eireann musicians and ben _____ (gaita galician bagpipes) (? unsure of name, see track 3)

1 unknown (the pipes, drums and bikes band) (badly clipped) (1:57)
2 unknown (bagpipers, continued) (levels adjusted) (2:02)
3 talk, intro for ben (1:18)
4 dueling chanters (3:10)
5 stepdancing waltz (nathan & jon pilatzke) (2:27)
6 talk, intro to finale (0:56)
7 unknown (16:15)
8 talk (1:12)
9 antro (?) (with ben _____ and with the pipes, drums and bikes band) (3:56)

zoom h4n (24/44.1 wav) > cd wave editor > flac 5

this was one of the shows put on in brussels for the irish presidency of the e.u. it was a great show. i normally listen more to jazz, but enjoyed the show immensely.

however… my first attempt to use the zoom h4n and unfortunately, some lessons learned…

i missed recording the first half of the concert, and the levels were way off when i did get it working (those bagpipes were a bit of a shock). i split tracks where i adjusted the levels, so track 1 is at much higher levels than the rest (and has pretty bad clipping).

i tried to adjust track 1 but that only made it worse (lessons to be learned there too, eh?); it is included here as-is, without adjustments

so…it’s a bit of a train wreck. that said, the sound is pretty good for the rest of the show, and i hope to do better next time.

sample:  chieftains 2013-04-24 brussels 04.mp3


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