Mar 092016

CD Front Insertvincent herring seems to play at an beal bocht a lot:  i’ve copies of 4 shows of his, and 3 of them are there between 2012 and 2016.  and they’re all great.  i’ve never been there, but as the name suggests it’s an irish pub.  this show was shared back in 2012 by ‘jazzbike2’ (it must be his local, as he shared the other shows too).

vincent herring quartet
linda’s jazz nights
an beal bocht café
bronx, ny
6 june 2012

vincent herring, alto sax
nori ochiai, piano
david williams, bass
peppe merolla, drums

set 1
01 secret love 14:20
02 stompin at the savoy 10:55
03 just one of those things 10:31
04 i can’t get started 10:37
05 days of wine & roses 09:43

set 2
06 this i dig of you 07:28
07 vh announcement 01:01
08 blue monk 08:51
09 caravan 13:52
10 in a sentimental mood 08:53
11 bye bye blackbird 13:37

h2zoom > audacity > traders little helper > flac

sound quality: a

sample: t06 this I dig of you.mp3

download: (FileFactory)

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