Nov 112022

the very beginning to this isn’t great (and the cut-in doesn’t help!), so i nearly just moved on to something else, but fortunately stuck with it.  i might just spend the rest of today listening to other courtney pine recordings!  looking for photos from that period turned up very little except for this rather nice jazz photo blog, with some excellent shots of courtney pine from 1988 (but in the end, i went with a photo of the tape’s j-sleeve… so mid-80s!).

courtney pine quartet
ravenna jazz 1987
rocca brancaleone
ravenna, italy
4 july 1987

courtney pine, tenor sax, soprano sax
jo bashorun, piano
gary crosby, bass
mark mondesir, drums

01) unknown title [cut in] (9:48)
02) unknown title (12:03)
03) unknown title [cut in and with tape flip] (12:34)
04) unknown title (12:38)
05) unknown title [tape end] (14:33)

tt 61′ 38″

lineage: audience recording > tape sony hf-es60 (1st gen) > unknown tape recorder
then denon drw-850 (no dolby) > sony pcm-d50 (rec level 5,5) (48khz-16bit) > nero wave editor 11

quality: b+

sample: Courtney Pine 1987-07-04 Ravenna t03 Unknown title 256k

photo:  shot of the tape j-sleeve from the original recording, shared along with the music by the uploader.