Nov 182022

there’s not too much piano jazz up here, but occasionally one really strikes my fancy, like this one, recorded just 6 months before sal mosca died at age 80.

sal mosca
amsterdam, netherlands
12 jan 2007

sal mosca, piano

01 gone with the wind
02 just one of those things
03 i’ve got rhythm
04 on the sunny side of the street
05 i don’t stand a ghost of a chance
06 the song is you > night and day
07 caravan
08 i cover the waterfront
09 how high the moon
10 radio outro (in dutch)

total time: 42:04

source: radio
lineage: cdr trade > wav > trader’s little helper (flac 8, align on sector boundaries)

sample: t06 the song is you – night and day 256k.mp3

photo:  copied from  it has a copyright symbol, but i’ve no idea who owns that.  used without permission.

  2 Responses to “sal mosca – 12 jan 2007, bimhuis, amsterdam, netherlands”

  1. zbakknphfb

  2. Ah! Good old Sal! Merci, Pete!

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