Jan 302016

Edmond Hall 1961-03-15 Front Coveri don’t hear a lot of clarinet, at least that i can tell, and this old recording has been floating around the internet for a long time, most recently when ‘larryjazzman’ shared it on dime in march 2013.  it’s wonderful recording, that you can listen to over and over.

if you’re interested in more edmond hall (and i am), there’s some for sale on the usual on-line outlets, and also over at storyville records.

edmond hall
sendesaal villa berg, radio sdr, stuttgart
15 march 1961

edmond hall,cl
horst jankowski,p
peter witte,b
hermann mutschler,dr

1. blue room 3:55
2. winnie 3:22
3. adam and eva 3:33
4. swing for dieter (aka rompin’ in 44) 4:04
5. manhattan 3:04
6. some of these days 3:44
7. sweet georgia brown 3:37
8. moonglow 4:25
9. honeysuckle rose 4:05
10 on the sunny side of the street 4:40


sample: t02 winnie.mp3
download: EdmondHall_1961-03-15_SendesaalVillaBerg_Stuttgart.zip

  6 Responses to “edmond hall – 15 march 1961, sendesaal villa berg, radio sdr, stuttgart germany”

  1. Pete, I’m afraid your link is a little wonky and aims at the wrong file. Any chance of a correction? I am a sucker for a rendition of ‘Manhattan’

    Many thanks, and keep up the good work


  2. wonky indeed! thanks.

    i’ve fixed the link; it’s on mega, here’s the key:


    [*** edit 30-nov-2016 *** reports of difficulty downloading… here’s the full link. it worked for me using chrome. i think the — is sometimes turning into a long dash (not sure how to show that here… – vs –)
    (link removed) ]

    [*** edit 1-dec-2016 *** see comments below ]

  3. Pete, the new link gives the message “file no longer available”.

  4. i’ve moved this to another location and updated the download manager. the link should work now, with password


  5. It worked & it’s wonderful. Thanks Pete.

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