Nov 282015

this is one of a number of wonderful recordings from ‘csatennis’, all in the schenectady / albany new york area, a lot of them in the ramada inn (csatennis booked a series of sunday evening concerts at the schenectady ramada inn”).  csatennis hasn’t up- or down-loaded that much on dime, comparatively speaking, but wow! fantastic shows (like this one), and often of folks who i’d not previously been aware of.  anyway, a tip ‘o the hat to csatennis.

sal nistico & nick brignola
the golden fox
albany ny, usa

sal nistico – tenor
nick brignola – alto soprano, baritone
mike canonico – trumpet
mike wicks – bass
larry jackson – drums

01. billie’s bounce 6:43
02. like someone in love 18:45
03. stella by starlight 14:36
04. by myself part 1 7:36
05. by myself part 2 4:09
06. st. thomas 14:00
07. body and soul 10:29

tt 1:16:21

sound quality b
cassette -> windows media player – > wav -> tlh – flac

from csatennis’s comments:

this was a legendary event in albany. nick and sal were great friends from their days in the woody herman band together. they were both upstate new york hard playing italian boppers.

i remember this night well. sal called nick at 3am the morning before because he was drunk and fell on his horn, bending some keys. he tried to fix it with a fork, but that was fruitless so he needed to borrow nick’s tenor.

sal took a bus up from ny and dropped over to my house where he shared an ample supply of some very strong weed. then we began our trek to the club, nearly getting lost.

sal hadn’t been at a real session in a while and it was like letting out a caged animal. he just exploded as you can tell from this recording.

nick pretty much kept up with him and the two of them had a great time going after each other.

the rest of the band was a local rhythm section that played with nick at a lot of local bop gigs. this recording was made by the late sal maida who was the pianist on the gig.

hope you enjoy!


sample: t03 stella by starlight.mp3


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