Nov 052015

this is one of a number of ted curson shows that i downloaded from dime when, as always, there’s a flood of seeds & reseed after an artist dies.  r.i.p.  not having listened to any ted curson since, i thought it was time for a ‘ted curson day’ here in my home office, and so here’s this show for you to get things going.

ted curson quartet
paris, france

ted curson- tp,
hervé sellin- p,
riccardo del fra- b,
eric dervieu- d.

disc one 58:21

01. straight, no chaser 13:28,
02. lin’s garden 12:48,
03. marjo 8:07,
04. you stepped out of a dream 11:48,
05. cherokee 11:59,

disc two 37:27

01. tune up 11:41,
02. trompinette 12:42,
03. my old flame 12:58

total time 95:48

source: radio
sound: a-

sample: d101 straight, no chaser.mp3


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