Sep 262014

it’s been a busy month, so i haven’t posted much.  in fact, another few days, and september would have been a complete washout here.  but things seems to be calming down a bit, and it’s a friday, so here’s something that should please.  on dime, the seeder ‘ladyface57’ said that there was a soundboard version “which originates from a cassette recording in mono.  this recording comes from a recent radio re-broadcast with better sound and in stereo.”

oscar peterson & count basie
grosser saal der arbeiterkammer
graz, austria
16 oct 1974

oscar peterson (piano – all tracks), count basie (piano – tracks 7 – 9), freddie green (guitar – tracks 7 – 9), niels-henning orsted pedersen (bass – tracks 3 – 6), bill davis (bass – tracks 7 – 9), skeets marsh (drums – tracks 7 – 9)

01: body and soul – 4:59
02: sweet georgia brown – 3:15
03: secret love – 5:20
04: woody ‘n’ you – 4:00
05: tenderly – 7:08
06: you look good to me – 7:22
07: on the sunny side of the street – 4:15
08: in a sentimental mood – 2:42
09: jumpin’ at the woodside – 2:38

total time: 41:41

recorded by orf @ grosser saal der arbeiterkammer (erroneously announced as “stefaniensaal”), graz (austria), october 16, 1974
lineage: orf radio broadcast –> digital cable –> cd –> hard disc –> cd wave editor (tracking, editing, fades) –> trader’s little helper (flac 8)

sample:  02 sweet georgia brown.mp3


  3 Responses to “oscar peterson & count basie – 16 oct 1974, grosser saal der arbeiterkammer, graz, austria”

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  2. I was there with my cousins from Leibnitz
    My fisrt jazz concert and hooked since
    Thank you for the list

    • wow! thanks for sharing that tidbit! i’ve only downloaded 1 show that i had been to (a leonard cohen show in dublin) but that was a little special for having been there. actually, i was taking my wife for her birthday, and then she had a business trip… oh well!


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