Jan 062015

Mose Allison Coverhappy new year. here’s just something i was listening today, that i downloaded in february last year (already that’s last year!  the annual shock.)  it was new to me (but then so much is… that’s what ya get for listening to radio for years and paying no attention to announcers), and is a bit different than most other jazz vocals that i’ve heard.  i’m definitely going to have to get me some of mose allison’s albums.


mose allison trio
the jazzhaus
lawrence, ks
25 feb 1983

early set

mose allison, piano and vocals
bryan hicks, bass
scott robinson, drums

01) introduction
02) ? instrumental
03) city home (mose allison)
04) if you’re going to the city
05) i ain’t got nothin’ but the blues (duke ellington, don george)
06) hey, good lookin (1951) (hank williams, sr.)
07) meet me at no special place (nat king cole)
08) if you only knew (mose allison)
09) you are my sunshine (governor jimmie davis)
10) i don’t want much (mose allison)

tape flip

11) fool’s paradise (charles brown)
12) look what you made me do (mose allison)
13) how much truth? (mose allison)
14) i love the life i live, i live the life i love (willie dixon)
> band intros/outro

second set

01) instrumental
02) lost mind (percy mayfield)
03) look here (mose allison)
04) everybody cryin’ mercy (mose allison)
05) your molecular structure > one of these days (both by mose allison)
06) feel so good
07) do nothing till you hear from me (duke ellington, bob russell)

tape flip

08) the seventh son (willie dixon)
09) hello there, universe > your mind is on vacation (mose allison)
10) i don’t worry about a thing (mose allison)
11) wild man on the loose
12) band intros/outro

sony cf-580 boombox (best guess) > tdk sa90 cassette tape > cleaned and demagnitzed nakamichi 680zx > realtk hd sound card > sound forge > > izotope rx3 noise reduction > adobe audition > izotope ozone 5 > flac frontend level 8 > dime

sample: d1 t7 Meet Me At No Special Place


download: MoseAllison_1983-02-25_LawrenceKS.zip

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