Mar 302019

the dime seed (from ‘blackforest’) that i downloaded showed a couple of dates, but blackforest confirmed at the time that 15 june 1980 was the right date.  so this would have been just a few days after dixon recorded two albums with the same line up, “in italy – volume one” and “in italy – volume two”, recorded June 11, 12, 13, 1980 at barigozzi studios, milan.  wikipedia says that “dixon was one of the seminal figures in the free jazz movement”, which may be but i find this a lot more accessible than most free jazz.  for my taste, he was having a good day.  it’s a good recording, probably a soundboard.  the levels could have been a bit higher, though, so you might want to turn it right up.

bill dixon sextet
piazza s.s. annunziata
firenze (italy)
15 june 1980

bill dixon tp, p
arthur brooks tp
stephen haynes tp
stephen horenstein ts, bs, cl
alan silva b
freddie waits dr

1) 40:18
2) 17:50
3) 15:09

tt 1:13:18

source/lineage/quality: copy from master – cr-sii90 – r09 –
magix xxl 2008 – flac –dime – a—

sample: track 03.mp3