May 312020

this bubbled up to the surface a couple of days ago, and i’ve listened to it a few times since.  the info file has one of the best commentaries i’ve read in an info file in a very long time – i’ll quote just a tiny bit, that nicely sums up the secret society (and this recording), with a tip o’ the hat to ‘bombdiggity’

remarkable original compositions, brilliantly arranged and conducted, and quite well played. of particular note to me is david dejesus on the final number.

this likely will appeal to fans of jazz, big band, orchestras, modern composers, new music, and/or classical, and perhaps even those slightly inclined to the avant-garde side of things.

i know, sounds a bit all-things-to-all-people, right?  normally that’s the kiss of death, but not this time.

btw, if you want more (in addition to their albums), here’s a few secret society shows available on the npr website:  darcy james argue’s secret society: newport jazz 2014 and in ‘real enemies,’ darcy james argue confronts a post-truth world  and john ellis, darcy james argue on jazzset.  there may be more, but those are ones that popped up in my searches.

darcy james argue’s secret society
kennedy center,
washington, dc, usa
5 jan 2011

darcy james argue : agent in charge
sebastian noelle : guitar [webpage didn’t work in my usual browser but did in another]
red wierenga : piano, keyboard
matt clohesy : bass
jon wikan : drums
seneca black : trumpet
tom goehring : trumpet
matt holman : trumpet
nadje noordhuis : trumpet
david smith : trumpet
noah bless : trombone
tim sessions : trombone
kevin moehringer : trombone
jennifer wharton : trombone
david dejesus : winds
rob wilkerson : winds
sam sadigursky : winds
mark small : winds
josh sinton : winds

01. transit (8:45)
02. phobos (12:55)
03. induction effect (13:56)
04. roll call (1:46)
05. obsidian flow (11:12)

tt : approx 48:30

recording: 2 x nakamichi cm-100 w/ cp-1 cardiod capsules >
oade c modded edirol r-44 (recorded @ 24/96)
edit/track/levels/downsample (to 16 bit/44.1 mhz): cool edit pro 2.1
sector realign/flac/torrent: tlh

support the artists. buy the cd, see them live.

sample: 01 transit.mp3