Feb 222018

as promised on my posting a few minutes ago, here’s the stars of modern jazz show.  it’s out there on any number of bootlegs, but mostly v.o.a. sourced.  if you’ve not heard it, it’ll knock your socks off.

stars of modern jazz concert –
recorded @ carnegie hall, new york city, ny (usa), december 25, 1949 –
“symphony sid” torin (emcee)

bud powell (piano), curley russell (bass), max roach (drums)
01: all god’s chillun got rhythm – 3:37

miles davis (trumpet), benny green (trombone), sonny stitt (alto saxophone), serge chaloff (baritone saxophone) + bud powell trio as above
02: move – 6:11
03: hot house – 7:55
04: ornithology (not complete) – 3:37

kai winding (trombone), stan getz (tenor saxophone), al haig (piano), tommy potter (bass), roy haynes (drums)
05: always – 3:48
06: sweet miss – 4:17
07: long island sound (no trombone) – 2:13

sarah vaughn (vocals) acc. by jimmy jones (piano)
08: once in a while – 3:47
09: mean to me – 2:28

lee konitz (alto saxophone), warne marsh (tenor saxophone), lennie tristano (piano), billy bauer (guitar), joe shulman (bass), jeff morton (drums)
10: you go to my head – 4:34
11: sax of a kind – 5:13

red rodney (trumpet), charlie parker (alto saxophone), al haig (piano), tommy potter (bass), roy haynes (drums)
12: ornithology – 5:27
13: cheryl – 5:02
14: koko – 5:11
15: bird of paradise – 6:09
16: now’s the time – 5:18

lineage: jass j-cd-16 (bootleg, mostly voice of america sourced) –> hard disc –> trader’s little helper (flac 8)

good –> very good sound quality considering the age of the recordings

sample:  t13 cheryl.mp3
download: StarsOfModernJazz_1949-12-25_NYC.zip

Sep 032016

Roy Haynes Quartet 1996-06-18 frontcoverhere’s another group led by a drummer, the roy haynes quartet back in 1996 in paris.  is it just me or are there a disproportionate number of drummers leading bands?  or maybe i’m just noticing that more of late for no particular reason.  the past couple of days, i’ve mostly been listening to roy haynes (friday) and shorty rogers (thursday).  this has been on dime a couple of times that i know of, including when i downloaded it back in 2011.

roy haynes quartet
new morning
paris, france
19 june 1996

roy haynes:drums
dwayne burnau:bass
don braden:sax
david kikoski:piano

01:unknown 12:01
02:summernight 11:27
03:easy leaving 8:43
04:big foot 27:20
05:announcement 2:56
06:the anniversary song 12:38
07:crispis 10:42
08:announcement 6:03
09:bud powell 3:45

tt 1:35:35

broadcast source jazz club france musique
fm to tape to wav to flac(6)
edit in soundforgepro 10

sample: t03 easy leaving.mp3
download: RoyHaynes_1996-06-18_NewMorningParis.zip