Sep 242021

there’s a complete version of this floating around out there, which i hope to get my hands on one of these fine days, but (so they say) with “a good number of glitches/skips” and missing a track that appears here.  no glitches in this excerpt, but it definitely left me feeling that i’d had an appetizer with no main course.  still, a super appetizer!  tapas, anyone?

cleo laine with the john dankworth generation band
the stables, wavendon, uk
october 1997

vocals: cleo laine
trumpets: noel langley, guy barker, gerard presencer
trombone: mark nightingale
french horn: dave lawrence
tuba: dave powell
saxes: john dankworth, andy panayi, tim garland, jimmy hastings
guitar & violin: stuart hall
piano: robin aspland
bass: alec dankworth
drums: ralph salmins

1. all too soon + why won’t you tell me 9:10
2. i’m beginning to see the light + ? instrumental 9:01
3. all night long + lies of handsome men 9:51
4. why won’t you tell me 4:33

tt 32:35

bbc recording

fm > reel to reel @7.5ips > wave > flac

sample: t03 All Night Long 256k.mp3
download: CleoLaine_JohnDankworthGenerationBand

photo:  laine & dankworth (in 1969, i think), in a photo by bill francis, from pinterest.