Jan 302014

i was looking through the orphan list on dimeadozen, and noticed this one that sounded famililar.  sure enough, i’d downloaded it back in late 2010, and so i seeded it to the two leechers who’d been waiting hopefully.  and i gave it a listen.  very nice!  no wonder “pepper adams” had rung a bell.  so here it is.  not too long, not too short, and a lovely recording.

p.s. any help on the line-up appreciated!

p.p.s. as always the files are unchanged unless noted… including the typo “sophistocated lady” in the info file & filename.


pepper adams with the charles biddle quartet
jazz expo, montreal, canada
20 june 1967

pepper adams: baritone sax
charles biddle: bass
unknown: piano
unknown: guitar
unknown: drums

1) cottontail 15:13
2) lady luck 17:37
3) sophisticated lady 13:18
4) straight no chaser 10:09

source: cdr to wav to flac files with checksum

a- sound. pepper cooking with the great montreal bassist charles biddle. any info on the
sidemen would be greatly appreciated. enjoy!

sample:  03_sophisticated_lady.mp3

download: PepperAdams_and_Charles_Biddle_4tet_1967-06-20.zip